Point-of-Care Testing Technology




A compact, technologically advanced, cloud-connected testing device capable of testing multiple biomarkers with only saliva with results in minutes.

Non-Invasive, Saliva Only

No needles or swabs.

Rapid Results

Results available in less than 10 minutes.

Small Sample (0.5mL)

Small sample size for simple collection.

Targeted Testing

Each vial tests for a specific analyte.

New insights, New opportunity
for health & wellness.

We believe knowledge is power.
By empowering clinicians and customers,
through non-invasive, repeatable techniques
with information about their body,
they can make informed decisions.

One Device,
Multiple Tests.

Rapid Testing.


...No specialized training required

Simple sample collection and twist lock vial.

...Portable & Compact

This hand sized device can be taken anywhere and connected to a PC or laptop via USB.

Wireless connection via bluetooth to smartphone

...Frequent Testing

At under 10 minutes per test, frequent testing is easy.

Connected Everywhere.

Secure, Cloud-based results provide access anywhere you can connect.

Metabolic Insights.

Our experienced healthcare, biotechnology, and software team is passionate about
building innovative and proprietary testing methods to help consumers better understand their health.

Metabolic Insights is receiving funding from the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program as part of a COVID-19 challenge program under Innovative Solutions Canada.

Seasoned Core Team




From start-ups up to $B Pharma in Asia.


Anne Marie

Founder & Chairman

From healthcare coder to putting hospitals out of business.


Thomas, PharmD

Sales & Marketing

From Clinican to Healthcare Management to BD to VP Sales.


Jon, PhD


Leading Canadian Obesity & Type II Diabetes.


Jasbir, PhD


Expert minature chips in plastic.


Horacio, PhD


Expert in Biologics.

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Important Safety Information

Caution - MetX™ is an Investigational Device, Limited by Federal (or United States) Law to Investigational Use only.


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